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You can’t stop the music! We all just want to be big rock stars, sang Nickelback, but that may not be true after all. Johan Schreuder would far rather be the guy that makes the rock stars sound and look good. His company, Red Revenge Studios, was born the day he saw the legendary UK hard house DJ, Tony De Vit play at a club in Turnmills, in London. This, along with his passion for music, inspired him to start the business. Red Revenge provides internationally accredited music production courses, including face-to-face classroom sessions. Johan adds that the curriculum for this has been accredited by Steinberg in Germany, the manufacturers of Cubase audio editing and sound mixing software. The company also provides a full service video and audio production company, a band recording and practice studio and even a green screen filming and photography studio. He feels that Red Revenge appeals to a wide audience, from youngsters aspiring to produce their own music – whether songwriters, singers or composers – to established sound engineers needing assistance with mixing desks and other sound equipment. It encompasses corporate customers who seek a range of audio and visual services, as well as photographers and bands that need studio space and time. Johan says his differentiator is to offer some of the best video, audio and music production training services in Cape Town, at a more reasonable price than the major studios and media agencies, while doing it all in-house, from filming to recording and mastering the last note. His goal is to continue the company’s present arc and ultimately become the leading visual content developer on the African continent, offering an end-to-end solution to musicians, photographers and corporate and advertising agencies. He expects to achieve this by maintaining the company’s high standards and continuing to treat customers how the way he himself would like to be treated

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