Sparkle Products


Sparkle is starting to shine! Since launching Sparkle Products, Laurence Gawronsky has been able to quite literally clean up in his particular market space. This is because Sparkle manufactures detergents and cleaning chemicals, which are sold to small business owners, entrepreneurs and households. Laurence says that by offering quality at a reasonable price, along with good customer service, Sparkle has really begun to shine. He adds that the business also contract packs for retail, supplies independently-owned supermarkets and provides detergents to the industrial and commercial sectors. In addition, it targets emergent, previously disadvantaged entrepreneurs in the Eastern and Western Cape regions and supplies local household customers with products at cheaper prices. It is a dual offering, he explains, enabling consumers to save money and affording entrepreneurs the opportunity to make money. Laurence says that it is amazing how many people are prepared to make the effort to drive to Sparkle’s premsies with a view to purchasing its products. This, he adds, is because they are cost effective for the consumer, and are ideal to use as the basis for launching a small entrepreneurial cleaning business. In fact, he likes to encourage people to become entrepreneurs or even to act as agents and resell Sparkle’s products. As for the future, he believes that he needs to extend his product range. Laurence is thus currently focused on developing a successful hair care and personal care range, to complement the detergent range and make the basket bigger in selling to its existing customers. In addition, he wants to focus on developing a stronger and more effective Internet marketing strategy

On-air Interview