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X-Sight X-Ray Services


Getting the inside view Paul Keanly has taken the super-power every boy ever wanted and turned it into a business proposition. With X-Sight X-ray Services, Paul is able to provide high resolution, 3D computed tomography inspection services to all research and industry sectors. This includes the manufacturing, mining and automotive industries, as well as research institutions universities and electronics manufacturers. The company also supplies and supports x-ray inspection systems and equipment for quality control, research and failure analysis. The journey to launching this company, explains Paul, was not so much a ‘Road to Damascus’ moment as it was an understanding – after spending eight years in the UK, working as principal electronic design engineer for the system manufacturer - of the benefits such technology could offer SA. Paul says that today, his team offers a broad range of ‘only available here’ technology. Moreover, being part of the design team, his people are better positioned to provide unprecedented after-sales support for the highly technical equipment, without needing to rely on overseas input. This allows X-Sight to deliver an affordable, professional service with experienced interpretation of results in all industry and research sectors. Looking ahead, he suggests that he aims to invest in capital equipment and look into opening an inspection and demo facility in Johannesburg. Such an investment would also require personnel who could not only run the facility, but who would also be technical enough to take over aspects of preventative maintenance. Finally, adds Paul, he really wants the business to continue achieving sustainable growth. Such growth would include starting up satellite branches, increasing inspection capabilities and bringing ever new technology to the manufacturing industry and research institutions.

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