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Fly me to the (Mango) Moon As far as Jeremy Carpenter is concerned, the moon isn’t made out of cheese, it is, in fact, always a Mango Moon. Jeremy describes himself as a product or idea creator and a natural entrepreneur. This has inevitably led him into the advertising, promotions and events space. Mango Moon is a business that focuses primarily on business and corporate, government and the export industry, he says, adding that the business is primarily a conceptualiser, designer and manufacturer, targeting the business and corporate promotions market. Products developed by Mango Moon are used in applications such as events, corporate promotions, corporate gifts, branded leave-behinds and pack inserts. Although business is good, Jeremy is quick to point out that there are nonetheless challenges - and big ones - to be faced down. For one thing, he explains, both the public and private sectors have cut their advertising and promotions budgets quite drastically. In addition, there is increasing competition from external sources, notably the Chinese market. For this reason, it is imperative that businesses support local manufacturers and SMEs in general. Mango Moon, for example, takes this to heart by employing people of all colours, skills levels and persuasions, as he says one of his aims is to provide unemployed people with work, give them dignity, reduce poverty and ultimately contribute significantly towards the reduction in crime. As for developing his company, Jeremy aims to facilitate an easy trading environment for small and medium sized businesses to trade with his organisation. He also wants to focus on a Mobile Messenger idea he has in his mind, invest in a 3D printer and produce a bucket-load of samples to take into the African market, which he sees as the next big frontier.

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