Dynamic Group


Dynamic tourism for the rich and famous Most people enjoy reading about the lifestyles of the rich and famous; Julian Peltz prefers delivering them. His company, Dynamic Group, provides a niche inbound luxury tour service that specialises in dealing with celebrities and high net worth individuals. He says the business enable such clients to experience the very best safari and city visits, utilising the finest products, coupled with the best logistics, planning and hosting. Julian says that his guests are mostly from the US and Middle East and come to Dynamic Group because of its reputation for longevity, resilience, passion and personal attention to detail. In addition, SA is seen as a one of the current hotspot for safaris, while the rand offers a very favourable exchange rate too. T There are still challenges in the business, continues Julian, pointing to the usual suspects such as crime and over-pricing by lodges, as well as the threat of more fashionable destinations and – most recently – Ebola. However, his experience in providing logistics and security for local and foreign guests has given him the confidence to interact with important clients and deal with their fears while still delivering the service levels required at the high end of the industry. His goal now is to employ more staff to implement systems that he is currently introducing. He also aims to use efficient and channelled skilled people to sell and market his product effectively. Most importantly, though, are the systems – after all, he adds, systems and planning cost nothing but time, and will benefit the business forever. Julian also believes that effective networking and sharing of information is important in building a stronger ‘brand South Africa’, which will benefit the entire tourism sector and help in promoting the country as a destination.

On-air Interview