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A hard range of software Bruce Morgan is living the quintessential South African dream – he has taken a range of software products developed in Australia and built his own, similar products and built them better. He says that he and his partner built up 14 years of industry and product knowledge about this sector of the market working with the Australian software, before using this knowledge to build their own software suite. His company, GreatSoft, develops integrated customer relationship management (CRM) systems for time-based professionals. Bruce states that the GreatSoft software encompasses all aspects of practice management, from time and expense capture through to billing, tax administration, and corporate registry and entity management. The company also has new products that include secure document exchange portals to reduce risk once the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act is promulgated, while all its tax products completely integrate with SARS. Bruce says his passion for the industry comes through in the excitement he feels every day when he sees the growth in the company, and watches the growth of the team around him, without whom the business would not work. He adds that most of his team have 14 years’ experience, having been with him since day one. He still has big plans for the company though, pointing out that there is a rolling plan for GreatSoft, which involves growing revenues by 25% per annum compound growth in the short term. Furthermore, within three years he wants to expand the client base from 40 000 daily users of the software to 100 000 users. At this size and at this level, Bruce believes GreatSoft will provide a fantastic career for the team and at the same time, be very attractive to global competitors. His final destination then is to groom a new breed of youngsters who will be able to take GreatSoft to the next level, both locally and internationally, when he retires.

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