Knight's Baby Training


Dispose of nappies early with the Baby Throne The cost of disposable nappies these days is enough to make any parent cry like a baby. The answer, says Zoe Durbach of Knight’s Baby Training, is to toilet train your child earlier, thereby saving on the cost of nappies. She says her goal is to make mothers’ lives easier by saving them both time and money, while also keeping babies healthier and helping the environment as well. Zoe explains that it has been proven that it is possible to toilet train babies, which is why she has developed the Baby Throne, which helps with the toilet training of babies from four months+. This, she says, saves parents thousands of rands on nappies that they would otherwise have used until the child was older. Moreover, some 142 million nappies are used per day across SA, the US and the UK. She believes her training solution can help to halve that amount, meaning 70 million fewer nappies going into landfills every day. Zoe says the product is supported by the DTI and patented and endorsed by paediatricians and is unique, as there is nothing else on the market designed to toilet train babies, or that is even physiologically shaped to train toddlers. The product is patented in SA and the US and she is currently working on patents for New Zealand, Australia and Europe, after which she will consider a licence and distribution model for the product. Ultimately, she aims to break the mindset that suggests parents have to wait until their children can walk and talk before they are taught to use the toilet. Zoe adds that she wants to get parents all over to understand it is possible to begin training children from when they begin eating solids – after all, she says, one can train a puppy to do so, and children are much cleverer than puppies!

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