Natural Pack


Being eco-friendly doesn’t mean having to grow your hair, wear flowers behind your ears and listen to ‘The Age of Aquarius’ repeatedly. All it takes to be environmentally conscious is a mindset like that of John Fox, whose business – Natural Pack - supplies compostable, biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging. This includes plates, bowls and clamshells made from bagasse, a sugar cane fibre, coffee cups made with recycled paper and bagasse and cutlery made from corn starch.However, John suggests that the company’s real triumph will be its launch of SA’s first compostable coffee bag. Coffee is the world’s second biggest traded commodity, after oil, and is generally supplied in a bag that cannot be recycled. Therefore, he says, the compostable bag has the potential to divert thousands, or even millions of tons of waste from landfills.John has always been passionate about the environment and holds a diploma in Packaging Technology. Therefore, the creation of Natural Pack was an obvious one for him. He adds that the ‘Green’ industry around packaging is still fairly new, so he has researched to topic intensely and believes his business has a good head start on the competition. Looking forward, his goal is to be the leading supplier of environmentally sound packaging in South Africa – the first name on everybody’s lips when the term ‘eco-friendly packaging’ is mentioned. He hopes to supply eco-friendly alternatives to the standard packaging products, including his latest project, which involves the creation of compostable water sachets, to be used at marathons and other sporting events.

On-air Interview