Olympia International Paints


The Parlotones may have sung about being ‘colourful’, but even they would be put to shame by the range of shades and tints on offer at Olympia International Paints and Coatings. Palash Moodley, the business owner says that regardless of the size of the painting job – whether its walls or malls – Olympia can supply the right architectural paint or coating.Furthermore, Palash says that the company backs its products up by providing additional services such as writing of specifications, project evaluations and bill of quantity extensions.With 30 years experience as a paint chemist and technical director - skills he has gained through working for some of the major players in the industry – he is perfectly positioned to provide such services.Olympia’s real differentiator in the market is not only its ability to outprice the competition, he says, but also the fact that it prides itself on getting products to customers in less than a third of the time. Moreover, adds Palash, the quality of the product is generally better than that supplied by his rivals.His next goal is to develop the company into a nationally recognised brand that holds at least 2.5% of the market share. He also aims to become an exporter of products to South Africa’s international neighbours. Ultimately, he says, what he wants is a business that provides a reasonable return to all stakeholders - shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers.

On-air Interview