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TAKEALOT Online (Pty) Ltd


When it comes to online retail, everyone with access to the Net likes to take a little – only Kim Reid, however, prefers to Takealot! The CEO of one of the country’s most recognised online retailers, Kim says that Takealot sells across a range of product categories, including sports, home and kitchen, baby and toddler, electronic goods, beauty, movies and TV, gaming, books, music and toys, delivering these direct to the consumer’s home.He adds that online retail requires a peculiar skill set that is not easy to find in South Africa. It takes a combination of both retail and technical expertise to be successful, together with the ability to execute logistically. Fortunately, he has more than a decade of experience in high level corporate roles, adding that these roles gave him the freedom of execution and decision making to learn well from any mistakes he made.He has put this into practice with Takealot, which, he says, offers convenience, choice and fantastic customer service. Customer service is something of an obsession with the business and positive reviews across social media platforms show this. We are different because we manage to provide convenience and service that is far in excess of what traditional retailers offer, while we provide a far better overall experience to other online stores, he adds.With success comes more ambition, of course, which is why he now aims to be the largest online retailer on the continent. By developing a sustainable business that can deliver a fantastic experience to customers across Africa, he believes he can build something to truly be proud of.

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