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So you want a fancy home system that includes dedicated sound and a fantastic home theatre system, but you don’t know your input from your output – what do you do? You call on Darryl Katz whose company, 4ward Design, specialises in high-end technology solutions for both the residential and commercial markets. Darryl says that the solutions include he offers include large home systems incorporating automation, control, audio and video (AV) distribution, energy management and even dedicated home cinemas. For businesses, 4ward designs bespoke video conference solutions that incorporate acoustics, lighting environments and design elements to ensure the best solution. After 15 years in this business. He says he remains as passionate about technology and how it can benefit people’s lives at home and in business as he did when he began. Darryl adds that holding an N4 certificate in light current electronics has also assisted him in interpreting large complicated electronic systems and translating these into ‘English’ for his clients. He suggests that moving forward, his foremost goal is to implement new revenue streams for the company and he also wants 4ward to be viewed as THE online portal to anything AV in Africa. He is very ambitious and also plans to target the large blue chip companies, as he believes the business has something special to offer this market. Finally, he also aims to grow his brand across the African continent.

On-air Interview