Vondis Holistic Pet

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Vondis Holistic Pet


Health and wellness is the ‘in’ thing for many people today, but how many of those same people think of offering the same levels of health and wellness to their four-legged friends? Having been involved with catering for humans for many years, Paul Jacobson took things a step further when he founded Vondis Holistic Pet, which provides natural pet nutrition, natural treats and biscuits and even natural remedies for skin, fleas and grooming. Paul says that he takes the business of providing healthy, natural foods for pets seriously, having recently teamed up with celebrity chef Jenny Morris in producing a range of health biscuits for pets. He adds that the company also operates a successful doggie daycare centre and runs a unique retail outlet which is dynamic, friendly and delivers sterling service.Paul likens himself to a Jack Russel Terrier - once he gets his teeth into a project, he never lets go. This is why he is now taking on the major premium brands of dry, preserved and processed pet food. Vondis instead produces wholesome, natural wet food for animals. Moreover, he indicates, the real success of Vondis lies in its ethics, concepts and the overall stance of the business. He says that his strength in marketing, coupled with his wife’s skills in service and crafting relationships has really helped the business to grow. However, Paul feels that while the brand is very well known in Cape Town, his goal now is to grow the brand awareness across the rest of the country. This he hopes to achieve by supplying many more stockists across SA over the next three years.

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