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Many people whine about their jobs; Andy Hadfield, on the other hand, is building a business that relies on wine for success. Real Time Wine is a social wine discovery app that allows everyday wine drinkers to rate, review, share and discover new wine through aggregated consumer opinion, also known as crowd-sourcing. Andy says he began playing around with digital concepts in his university days, launching his first start-up while studying at UCT. With a background that includes experience at a strategic technology agency, as well as high-end tech development for a large corporate, he is well placed to succeed. Real Time Wine, he suggests, can allow for the delivery of location based adverts, post-purchase engagement, social media options, branding opportunities and could even potentially provide a white labelled platform that could be utilised by retailers or even other vertical markets.Andy says that he hates the way the Internet has become noisy and impersonal. Real Time Wine is designed, therefore, to provide a niche, high utility community that can cut straight through the clutter. He says it is getting harder and harder to reach customers, which is why he is offering an alternative channel for organisations to explore. Moreover, he adds, communities like the one he is building increase retail loyalty and basket size.His first goal for the future is to ensure the business is stable in South Africa, before turning his attention to developing a European client base built on the B2B model – by scaling the platform into Wine Clubs, thereby developing a wine vertical. Following this, he aims to activate multiple verticals that will focus on craft beer, coffee and cigars, for example. At the same, he says, he is looking to grow a world class team and mentor exciting new digital talent.

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