Sky Messaging


Advertising is a numbers game, which is why Thomas Kritzer has launched a company that quite literally uses the heavens as its medium. Sky Messaging, based in Cape Town and the Johannesburg and Pretoria region, offers sustainable above the line advertising solutions that are posted in the sky. By showcasing a full colour banner with a message of the client’s choice along major arterial routes within SA, Thomas says that his business ensures that the message is seen by millions and – more crucially - remembered by most. Whether it is the captive audience of rush hour gridlock, fans in a stadium or holidaymakers on the beach, Sky Messaging can cover them all. He states that service is held in high regard on his watch, meaning the business returns calls, delivers as promised and, should it not be able to, will offer a strong alternative. He says that clients come from a range of industries and categories, but all have one thing in common - they are leaders at trying something new and different.Thomas points out that ultimately, he wants the business to be a well-run machine, managed and operated by top people and pilots. He aims to be the leader in aerial advertising on a national basis, flying brands and messages permanently in the four major cities of Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban, with two additional aircraft dedicated to travel to non-permanent cities.

On-air Interview