Cape Thyme Catering


While many people would cheerfully ‘drink to your health’, Jacinta Adonis’ Cape Thyme Catering focuses on providing eats for your health. The company’s main focus is on providing healthy, packaged meals that are low GI, which the business manufactures and delivers. Adonis has been in the business of healthy pre-packaged foods for the past 12 years, with the last five of these as business owner. He is clearly passionate about a healthy lifestyle and promotes its benefits constantly, although he adds that many clients have told him that they do business with him not only for his products, but also because of the person he is and the work he does in the community.Discussing Cape Thyme Catering, he says that a key differentiator is that not only are its prices extremely competitive and affordable, but that the business is also extremely flexible in terms of the services it renders. For example, he explains, the company also manages canteens at certain corporate companies, while rendering a niche service to hotels, restaurants and conference venues. We ultimately want the company to be a national franchise, as this will play a role in helping to reduce unemployment. I would especially like to prove to other, larger organisations that as employers, we can reduce the gap between rich and poor by empowering people, training them and giving them financial freedom.

On-air Interview