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The principle of ‘thou shalt not pass’ is a common one within the security industry, but it takes something extra special to not only secure a property, but to drive its value up by also being aesthetically pleasing. This is something that Peter Bresler, CEO of Magnador, thoroughly understands. He explains that Magnador specialises in expandable security doors or gates, as well as offering a whole range of burglar proofing, including Spanish bars and mini Spanish bars, cottage pane bars, perimeter panel fencing and gates, as well as driveway gates. The business focuses on providing customers with integrity of price and integrity of value; this entails delivering maximum security coupled to excellent aesthetics.The uniqueness of Magnador’s product, says Peter, lies in its all-steel construction, patented stainless steel lock, very strong tempered roll-hardened cross bracing and its class-beating galvanising system that prevents rust corrosion. However, the real key to the company’s success is the hands on approach and attention to detail demonstrated by the business, as this ensures client satisfaction. In fact, at least 60% of the company’s business comes from existing customers. As for the future, he does not think small – his aim is nothing less that to spread the business across Africa in a franchise format. Of course, he adds, since customers are the bedrock of the company’s success, he also wants to see the business continue to correctly interpret the clients’ needs into the right type of product.

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