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Sometimes, launching a business is all about putting on your shoes and dancing! That’s exactly what Margaret Winsor decided to do when she launched her company, The Ballet Box.Suppliers of dance and swimwear products, as well as bespoke garments and footwear, The Ballet Box also supplies clients with a directory of local dance studios, thereby providing an information service to individual consumers and dance studios. Margaret says that The Ballet Box is more than just another store – it is a part of the local community. She views her business not only as a retail outlet, but also as an opportunity to build relationships with the local community and to prove to customers that there is such a thing as good customer service.While her qualifications include that of chartered secretary, meaning she is very involved in the ‘nuts and bolts’ of her business, she feels her differentiator is her personality. She says that she loves dealing with customers and revels in the satisfaction of pleasing them with good service, by going the ‘extra mile’. Margaret adds that being an ‘owner present’ business is something that she believes will stand her in good stead in the long run.Looking ahead, she says that she first wants to get the business running smoothly once again, following two years of renovations and the relocation of the mall in which she operates, but her most important goal is to continue playing a role in building her community and maintaining and growing her relationships with the people in her area.

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