Many people out there ‘wood’ like to be an entrepreneur, but only a few actually have the tenacity and skill to ‘carve’ a career in a niche industry. Stuart Douglas, of Douglas & Co, is one such person, whose love of wood and the options it offers for craftsmen has seen him build a successful business. Douglas & Co has a reputation for the design and manufacturing of solid wood furniture, specialising in chairs and tables. The company also creates solid wood décor items and smalls and designs, manufactures and installs solid wood ‘traditional style’ kitchens. In addition, Stuart says his business also offers a furniture restoration and repair service. He has been in the manufacturing of wood furniture for just over seven years and considers his company to be a leader in the Western Cape quality timber furniture design and production scene. A self-taught craftsman, he says his skills include a sound understanding of timber and its uses and applications, coupled to high quality craftsmanship, as well as the kind of technical creativity that is required in furniture design and manufacture. This enables him to create unique items of the highest standard for individual customers. His view of the future, however, involves eventually being successful enough to be able to hand the business over completely to his master craftsmen, thus enabling him to focus on his real passion, which is sculpting specifically commissioned unique wood pieces. After all, says Stuart, for me, woodworking is a way of life.

On-air Interview