For an organisation placing a large amount of money into a sponsorship deal, the single most critical payback is getting value for money, something that can sometimes be quite difficult, given the sheer volume of advertising and branding out there. This is where Andrew Ross and his company, Maverick, come to the fore – providing strategic consultancy in sponsorships and effectively leveraging sponsorship budgets.Andrew says that his business is all about creating and implementing brand activation solutions and concepts, as well as offering event management and event conceptualisation.His customers include large Blue Chip enterprises, sports administration bodies and advertising agencies and brand marketers.With some 15 years experience in sports sponsorships and event activation, he says his real differentiator is his desire to do things differently. He has built his business into a global thought leader, within the sports activation space and it now operates globally, from an SA base.He believes the key to success lies in never saying no. Some of his greatest successes, he explains, were borne from the sheer tenacity of fighting for an idea that he believed would work. Triumph comes from providing creative solutions, which activate in a competitive and overtraded market. It is equally about ensuring that delivery happens when required, he says.His goal is to continue to build a business that is driven, and which is run by a competent and dedicated management team. This, he says, will free him up to concentrate on driving strategic growth and ensure that the company is less reliant on his day-to-day input.

On-air Interview