Success may be built on hard work and perseverance, but unless you know the value of your business and how it is doing, relative to the competition, all that hard work may come to naught. For this reason, Gareth Ochse launched, designed to give business owners a clear view of how their business stacks up against its peers, its short-term risk, the probability of it being around in a year, its realistic growth rate and the factors that drive its valuation. He suggests that the tool is ideal for business owners looking to sell their company, raise capital, or that may be considering buying another business. It is also a great management tool for owners who want to set targets and drive performance. With more than 15 years experience in Corporate Finance and deal-making, Gareth brings a combination of quantitative skills, an understanding of accounting/financial statements and a range of marketing and presentation skills to his business. He says that what customers really love about ValuationUP is that it simplifies things by taking the relative complexity of financial statements and showing business owners which numbers actually matter and which drive performance. Having built a benchmark database of over a million privately-held company financial statements, in over 1 200 industry groups, he believes the company is well positioned to become the dominant financial analysis reporting tool for when businesses are being bought or sold, are raising capital or are setting targets.

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