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Flick Visual Foundry


While your parents may have told you that too much TV is bad for you, the reality is that the digital age has led to an increasing number of people choosing to watch, rather than read, in order to understand something. According to Garth Allan John Jemmett of Flick Visual Foundry, the company was founded when he realised that it was only a matter of time before businesses began using films online to explain themselves and their services. At the same time, he says, there is a growing need to constantly train and educate people on business practices, products and services as the business landscape gets more complex. To this end, Flick Visual Foundry works with corporate businesses that have complex messaging, in order to explain their often complex offerings in a simple easy to understand manner to staff, shareholders and clients. This is done, he explains, through the creation of explainer videos, flow diagrams, info graphics and data visualisations. His company is one of the early adopters of visual thinking in South Africa and has developed exceptional processes to assist it in visualising complex information. As specialists in the field, the company needs to continue focusing on remaining current with thinking, embracing new technology and continuously growing its network and name. Flick Visual Foundry has been born of the global shift in the manner in which people communicate. Because of the emergence of technology like the Internet, smart phones and digital recording devices, images have superseded words. We are, he adds, excited to be at the forefront of this journey.

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