Gayleen's Decadence


While nothing beats the delightful decadence of chocolate, the potentially unhealthy after-effects keep many a connoisseur away. But what if you could enjoy the taste of chocolate, without the dairy, sugar, preservatives and wheat? That would really be decadent!This is exactly what Gayleen Evans business, Gayleen’s Decadence offers – a unique, organic soft-centered chocolate made without artificial colourants, flavourants, stabilisers or emulsifiers. It should not be surprising then that the majority of her business currently involves supplying health shops, as well as health spas and exclusive delis. She also supplies her decadent treats to weddings, conferences and product launches.Having found employment late in her career in the ‘raw food movement’, Gayleen not only learned a tremendous amount about health, but also quickly discovered that the healthy and creative items she was making for her own home were also desired by others. She initially ventured into the world of craft markets where her goodies were in demand, leading to the development of her specialised chocolates.Gayleen puts the success of her business down to being well organised, paying attention to detail and refusing to compromise the quality of her products. She anticipates good growth in the future, since she adds that while her target market began as the health-conscious people, today she finds that even dedicated chocoholics love her products. Thus, she aims to begin supplying all the major cities across SA and – thanks to her ability to customise her product to suit the client – expects significant growth in the functions market as well.

On-air Interview