InFocus Trading 111 cc - Trading as WirelessAlert


In South Africa, theft is a common occurrence, as is the threat to life and limb. However, while goods can be replaced easily enough, this is not the case with human life, says Michael Smorenburg, CEO of WirelessAlert. It is therefore strange that most alarms are focused on protecting valuables.Michael says that WirelessAlert is more than just a burglar alarm, it is a robbery alarm. What is the difference? Burglary occurs when you are not at home, robbery when you are, he explains, which is why a robbery is much more dangerous, and his company is the only one that is engineered to target this specifically.He founded WirelessAlert 10 years ago and has used the time to craft a unique set of solutions to something that is a terrifying and life-critical problem. He says his solutions are simple, affordable and highly effective. This includes African marketing rights for star product VoiceAlert and an additional product range, comprised of bespoke exclusive right products branded to the business.Security is obviously a growth market in this country, he says, so it is his goal to grow the company through an increase in franchisees. At the same time, cautions Michael, in order to achieve stability, to protect and expand the valuable brand name and to deliver customers a steady backup service, what is ultimately required is quality over quantity of representation.

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