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Kiltartan Consulting Pty Ltd


Every entrepreneur has the ability to visualise their business, but Kevin McCaffrey’s company, Kiltartan Consulting, has made business visualisation its core goal. Having been in the industry for 25 years, providing high quality business analysis consulting, he recognised a unique niche that he now services – the ability to turn two dimensional business data into three dimensional output that is intuitive, navigable and visually compelling. According to Kevin, he quickly understood the global shift towards 3D Business Visualisation solutions, which led directly to the creation of Kiltartan. The company uses newly developed gamification and visualisation techniques to deliver solutions that customers use both internally for their employees and externally for their own clients. The secret to Kiltartan’s success, he explains, is that its solutions are industry agnostic, innovative, high impact, intuitive, visually compelling and are applicable across a range of business aspects, including big data, business processes and e-learning. So, as someone who clearly views his business in three dimensions, how does he expect Kiltartan’s future to pan out? Kevin says that his ambition for the company is large, and he hopes to have offices in Europe and North America within the next three years. However, he adds, success can only be achieved by remaining innovative – the company was recently selected as one of the Top 10 Innovative Growth Companies in SA – and to achieve this he will need to continue to focus on all the different business angles.

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