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Dallas Conn, owner of Bed Buys and its new arm, Doll House Factory, says that the playhouses his business crafts for girls, boys and even toddlers are so exciting and fun that any child that has one probably ‘wooden’ be heard from for hours! A manufacturer of pinewood bunks, Bed Buys has developed the new arm of the business in order to begin crafting these wooden playhouses for kids – and because of the nature of the original business, says Dallas, the transition was an easy one to make. He adds that these playhouses offer a gift that provides fun through play, education and even roleplaying, and to top it all off, the parents are happy because it means the child’s room is that much tidier. As the owner of five retail bed shops, Dallas knows all about woodwork and is particularly excited about the new arm, manufacturing wooden playhouses for children. He says he has always had a keen eye for entrepreneurial pursuits, so the development of the Doll House Factory came naturally to him. This is unsurprising, as he describes himself as a lead from the front type of person who simply does not believe failure is ever an option. He says that it is especially gratifying to provide hand-crafted works of art that are supplied direct from the factory to the public. As for the future, he aims to focus on his branding and intellectual property, while also expanding in a sustainable manner in order to utlimately become a nationally recognised business.

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