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Overseas travel for under-30s is not all about fiestas and fun. On the contrary, many of South Africans youths today travel in order to obtain new skills and career experiences. Marc Whitmill, MD of Youth Discovery Programmes (YDP) says that the difficulty for such travellers lies in finding the right kind of job in a foreign clime. This is where YDP comes in, he says, as the business offers specialist work and travel programmes for school leavers and university graduates, as well as selected young professionals. These include au pairing, internships, career training and summer camps. He is quick to point out that this is not an immigration issue, since all YDP clients travel on temporary work visas and return to SA on completion of their programme, which is usually 12 months in duration. It is gratifying, adds Mark, to see clients returning to the country with greater work experience, confidence and savings, all of which assists them with better employment opportunities. Mark is passionate about what he does because he says that in his youth, travel changed and benefited his life, so he has a burning desire to share this with the youth of today. His positive outlook on life and strong people skills mean he is able to deal comfortably with any unexpected curve balls that come YDP’s way. His goal is to utilise his skills and passion to build YDP’s reputation into the best in the industry, by continuing to do what it does best - offering life changing value for money programmes that encourage personal development, individual growth and the development of real-world skills.

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