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Jardine Marine Services


The idea of an ocean-going taxi might seem one of the more bizarre concepts, but this is a model that is certainly working well for Nugh Tyer and Jardine Marine Services. He says that the company’s core business is providing personnel transport to the marine industry – in other words, picking up sailors, taking them for medical clearances and getting them out to vessels in deep water. Nugh recently entered this industry, after 22 years IT experience in the corporate world, having worked for organisations of various sizes and in various industries. These experiences, he says, mean he is not afraid to take on anything – a good attitude to have when moving from IT into this vastly different arena! He bought the business in November 2010, when it was on the brink of having to close its doors and 12 people would have lost their jobs. Therefore, with limited funds, he managed to buy enough time to implement the necessary sound business practices that would enable the business to ready itself for growth. Nugh adds that once proper operational policies, processes and procedures were enforced, human resource management was implemented and fleet management was instituted to take care of the everyday management of the company’s tools, he introduced the business to technology. While these measures have stabilised the business, Nugh really wants to increase its market share and hopefully begin providing additional, but related, services such as guest housing. He wants Jardine Marine to become the most common name used in this industry when personnel transport is required. However, he says, this will all take more money than he has available at present. Therefore, he is seeking significant financial assistance to take the business to its next natural level.

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