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Wetu Tourism Solutions (Pty) Ltd


Paul Theroux said that tourists don’t know where they’ve been and travellers don’t know where they’re going. Andrew Ardington, of Wetu Tourism Solutions, would beg to differ. He says that thanks to the wonders modern technology, his company is able to provide the tourism industry with online sales and distribution tools that make the customer’s life easier.The Wetu concept is simple, he says, indicating that it has taken the paper tools of the travel industry and digitised them, making them interactive, engaging and inspiring and enabling tour operators, travel agents, hotels, restaurants and other tourism players to access and use these tools to sell their products more successfully. The tools include interactive maps, virtual itineraries, iBrochures and virtual brochure racks.Both Andrew and his partner Paul have been involved in the tourism industry since the 90s. Andrew worked as a game ranger at Mala Mala, led tours on the battlefields with David Rattray, and eventually conceptualised, built and operated the Three Trees Lodge at Spioenkop. Paul, on the other hand, moved from the civil engineering field after developing a wine bottle in the shape of Table Mountain.Andrew believes that the Wetu concept can genuinely transform the way the travel industry gathers, manages, distributes and communicates information. He says that he also has no doubt that this technology has the ability to go global, but adds that this will require significant funding.He says that what Wetu really needs right now is investment to fund both working capital and expansion plans. Wetu also needs to invest in sales and marketing resources, to enable rapid expansion into other regions.

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